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100 Things about ME

For those of you patiently waiting...

Here it is....

100 things about me.

1. I read...alot. I love reading and I will read
ANYTHING!Adult books, kids books, back of the cereal box, porn...doesn't matter.

2. I am adopted and no, I do not know who my
biological parents are.

3. I think I am a good person but I also think I
could probably be a better person.

4. I wish that back in highschool someone would have
encouraged me to find a career that incorporated my
love of reading. I, weirdly, never even considered becoming a librarian or a teacher. Should have though.

5. I talk to myself and sometimes have whole
arguments out loud with people who aren't with me at
the time. I almost always win those ones.

6. I often feel like I am smarter than most people (
I know that sounds really conceited but I DO feel that
way alot).

7. It totally pisses me off when people complain
about their childhood and blame their problems today
on something their parents did or didn't do 30 years

8. I have Bran flakes and skim milk for breakfast
everyday unless we are low on milk.

9. I have had issues with my weight since highschool
but when I look back on my highschool photos I think
my body was great and I wish I looked like that now.

10. I think I have low self esteem (about everything
except my smarts).

11. I have a big need for people to like me.

12. I am shy.

13. I love my job.

14. I don't believe in the death penalty but I believe
life imprisonment should mean life imprisonment. You
only come out in a body bag.

15. I think the penalty for child molestation, rape or
anything of that nature should be worse than the
punishment for insider trading, money laundering or
anything of that nature.

16. My favourite colour is blue.

17. My favourite city to vacation in, so far, is New
Orleans, Louisiana. Specifically, the French Quarter.

18. My brother-in-law hates me. He thinks I'm a
know-it-all and a bitch. I agree with the know-it-all
and think it's his wife that's the bitch. I've never
told him that I feel that way. I did however nix the
idea of him being my husband's best-man at our
wedding. He doesn't know that.

19. I often feel like I am more supportive of my
husband than he is of me.

20. I love him anyway.

21. I would love to go back to school. And I'm jealous of people that have that opportunity.

22. If I won 10 million dollars I would probably want
to give away most of it.

23. I love writing and dream of becoming a writer.

24. I am glad to have long-time friends in my life.
And I feel lucky to have a friend that "gets" me.

25. I want to get a motorcycle...of my own.

26. I love to meet and talk to new people. Any new people and not necessarily people that I will ever see again.

27. I have one tattoo, on my ankle.

28. I'd like to get another one.

29. I like alcohol. I know that's not politically
correct to say, but I do. I like the way it tastes
and I like the way it makes me feel.

30. I regret that I never got braces as a kid or a
young adult.

31. I love to give gifts as much as I love to get
them...probably more.

32. I have a quick wit and can do better than hold my
own in an argument.

33. I've never gotten a manicure... mostly because I
bite my nails.

34. I got my first pedicure, my first tattoo and my
first vibrator in my 40th year.

35. I debated on whether to include vibrator in the
above list.

36. If I were alive during WWII I would have hid Jews
from the Nazis. If I were alive during the days of
slavery I would have been a stop on the Underground

37. I think Labour Unions have become too full of
themselves and do not protect workers the way they
should. I think politicians tend to be too rich and
forget what it's like to be an everyday person.

38. If I could not have laughter in my life I don't
think it would be worth living.

39. My kids amaze me. I can see parts of myself in
each of them and it makes me proud. My oldest because
she is very socially conscious, she wants to save the
world. Potatie because she writes fantastic stories
and wants to grow up to be a writer. And the Boy
because he loves to read and does it well.

40. I have pledged to myself that I will get to my
goal weight by the end of my fortieth year.

41. I check my email compulsively a thousand times a

42. I now also check Diaryland just as many times.

43. Sometimes when I'm bored I will hit the "random
entry" button on my diary and read whichever entry
pops up. My own writing often amuses me.

44. The last time I had my IQ measured it was 129.

45. I love to watch old movies...From Here to
Eternity, Gone with the Wind, An Affair to Remember, A
Place in the Sun.

46. I read an average of 5 books a week.

47. I sometimes would hide the fact that I had eaten
badly. Chocloate bar wrappers not thrown in the car
garbage because someone might see them.

48. I think I have food issues.

48. The majority of my clothes are bought in thrift
stores. On any given day I am probably wearing at
least two things that I bought there. (not underwear,
that's gross.)

49. I hate to spend money on things for myself but
oddly, I would spend money on a trip somewhere and not
think twice.

50. I like crab legs better than lobster.

51. I love to throw parties or have guests over. I
hate when it comes time for people to leave. It drives
me crazy when people leave early in the night.

52. I think I would kick some serious ass if I was
ever on the show Amazing Race. Right up until they
wanted me to bungee-jump or skydive.

53. I hate rollercoasters.

54. I once met Hootie and the Blowfish. Sat with them
on their hotel patio and drank beer.

55. I like to watch football and hockey. I have,
however, never been to a live professional football

56. I never thought Brad Pitt was anything special
until he hooked up with Angelina Jolie and started his
charity work. Now I think he's pretty sexy.

57. I won a school spelling bee in the 7th grade by beating
the girl from the 8th grade.

58. I honestly think I would be happier if I weighed

59. I think it is all kinds of wrong when starlets
like Lindsay Lohan can go into bars and clearly get
messed up while having their picture taken and yet no
one enforces any underage drinking laws. I also think
that celebrities get slaps on the wrist when real
people get the book thrown at them.

60. I think that the paparazzi should back the hell
off. Just because they're famous does not mean you can
sift through their garbage or stake out their

61. I used to smoke and sometimes when I'm drinking I
will have a drag or two off of someone's cigarette. I
don't like it but I still do it.

62. I quit smoking January 1, 1993 so that I could get

63. I never played any sports when I was in school. I
wish I would have.

64. I am writing this list at work on the last day
before Christmas vacation.

65. I love to go out for lunch. By myself or with
someone it doesn't matter.

66. My husband does not like to "do" gifts and if it
were up to him we would not even ever exchange cards.
This hurts my feelings. I do not ever say anything
about this anymore because I would prefer that he
would want to do something that would make me happy
and not just do it because I told him to.

67. I don't like it when people ask what to get
someone for a gift. Especially when they ask what I

68. Had I not gone to the motorcycle weekend for my
40th birthday I was planning on going away for the
weekend by myself. I did not tell anyone that.

69. Hot baths are one of my favourite things. A claw
foot tub in my bathroom would send me over the moon.

70. I love to have snow on Christmas Eve. Especially
the big, white, fluffy flakes.

71. I have been to over 20 rock concerts in my life.

72. I hope to one day see New York City and Paris.

73. I have been wanting to do this list for a long
time - It is a lot harder than I thought.

74. Spelling errors drive me insane. When a business
has a sign or an advertisement that includes a
spelling error I want to scream. Check your spelling
people...check it.

75. I frickin' HATE with the white hot intensity of a
thousand suns when people call a place of business and
behave rudely on the phone. Or when people get angry
because they have overdue fines on their books. I lent
you the book for free! I let you take it home! I let
you keep it for 3 weeks! I nicely stamped it so that
you will remember when to bring it back! Don't put on
your bitch face to me 'cause you didn't return it on
time. It' s not MY fault - that's all on you, sweetie.
And don't tell me how you could have rented the movie
at the movie store for that price...had you brought it
back on time you would have had it for fuckin' free.
See how far you get with that deal at your precious
little movie place. Idiot.

76. I originally wanted to name my oldest daughter
Miranda and we would have called her Randi.

77. Potatie went unnamed until she was 2 days old.

78. I never found out the sex of my children before
they were born. I find it sort of odd when people do
that automatically.

79. I would have liked to have one more child, but the
pregnancy with the boy was so bloody uncomfortable
that I didn't want to do it again right away and I
only would have had another if I could have squeezed
it in quickly before I got too old.

80. I would gladly have donated my eggs to someone who
needed them. For that matter I would have carried a
baby for someone too.

90. I like all kinds of music. I don't have a
favourite genre. I like classic rock, new rock, rap,
old country, new country, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra.
I guess the only thing I don't really like is that
techno stuff...and Celine Dion...oh, and Mariah Carey.

91. I loved the movie Titanic. But I've always been
obsessed with the Titanic story. I thought Kate
Winslet's character was far braver than Leonardo
DiCaprio's character. SHE jumped OUT of the lifeboat.
SHE went running around in the water trying to find
him when he was handcuffed to that pipe. I had a
friend who just thought he was amazing and brave and
she just wished her husband was like that. First of
all, it's a movie and second of all, like I said, SHE
was braver than he was.

92. I have had a lot of "best friends" since I started
grade school. I often wonder if other people move from
friend to friend throughout their lives. Although I'm
good where I am now. I don't want to move on anymore.

93. My favourite actor of all time is Cary Grant but I
also like Montgomery Clift, Adrien Brody, Steve
McQueen and Clint Eastwood..

94. My favourite actress is Viven Leigh but I also
like Elizabeth Taylor, Kate Winslet, Charlize Theron
and Susan Sarandon.

95 . I think Paul Newman old is sexier than Paul
Newman young, same with Sean Connery

96. I get disappointed when celebrities I admire get
divorced. Garth Brooks, Lance Armstrong, Kate Winslet
lost a little something in my eyes when they got

97. If I were ever left an inheritance I would prefer
it be some article that was special to the person than
an amount of money. ( A perfect world would be both, I
guess, but if it were between a memento and, like,
$1000 I'd rather have the memento).

98. I have two sports jackets that belonged to my dad
that my stepmother gave me to sell in a garage sale. I
kept them instead.

99. I get overly excited when people leave me comments
in my diary.

100. I like myself, but I often feel that most people don't "get" who I am or what I'm about. I think some people think I'm flaky because I get involved with different causes but I think people who do not try to make the world better in some way are the flaky ones. My kids will always be encouraged to be socially active.

5:07 p.m. - 2006-12-28


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